Vegetarian: Ideal foods for protein intake

Vegetarian: Ideal foods for protein intake

Vegetarianism is a major factor in new nutritional trends and lifestyles. More and more people are now embracing the philosophy of vegetarianism by consciously choosing to abstain from eating meat and poultry. Some have even removed seafood and animal by-products. Their decision does not revolve solely around health reasons but also has moral and environmental purposes, giving breath to the animals and the planet that are killed and exhausted by the insatiable mass production of meat and others.

So let’s assume that we are gradually getting into vegetarianism, or we are in a period of fasting, or we are waiting for a vegetarian friend to come home for dinner, what will we offer him? With what foods will we be called to replace meat, in order for it to be a complete nutritious meal but also delicious? This is the challenge we are called to face and with some small directions that we will give below, we will be able to go out white-faced and everyone to enjoy a rich meal.


Legumes must first come to mind. Lentils, beans, chickpeas. All of them offer excellent quality vegetable protein and are usually the main source of its intake for vegetarians. The good thing about legumes is that they can be cooked in many different ways, embellishing our taste experience. For example, falafel, soups, legume salads and their flours offer a wide range of gastronomic options. In the same direction, the Ntourountous bakery offers you the Legumes Βites and the Legumes mini Rusks.


Cereals, such as oats and wheat, in addition to being an excellent base for many recipes, are also rich in vegetable protein, as well as many other nutrients. Include as much as you can in your diet whether you are a vegetarian, fasting or just consciously choosing what to eat. We suggest Oat and Raisins Cookies to sweeten you and Sfakian Triticum Dicoccum Rusks that belong to the category with our organic pastries.


Of course, mushrooms cannot be excluded from a vegetarian diet as they are a top source of protein intake for the body. In addition, it is a food that with a good cooking and several spices is quite similar to the taste of meat. That is why many vegetarian sandwiches or junk foods have mushrooms as their main ingredient, for example mushroom burgers. In Ntourountous bakery we recommend you to try our delicious version, Mushrooms with Wine and Crumbs from Barley Bites.

Nuts – Nut butter

Nuts, and especially pistachios, almonds and cashews, claim a place in the diet of a vegetarian, as they are known for their high protein content. Add them to salads, smoothies, and generally put them in your life. This is what we do in Crete, worshiping the Carob and Peanut Bites.


It is delicious, very nutritious and is the ideal sauce for sandwiches while it is also a “full” dressing for your salads. It is made from tahini and chickpeas, making it an excellent source of protein that can be prepared in two minutes – as long as the chickpeas are cooked.


This particular cereal is an excellent source of protein and, unfortunately, not a common choice of consumers, as few have discovered its value. Add to the risotto, the broths and the salads, or even better enjoy the prepared one in the form of a breadstick directly from Sfakia.

Of course, fruits and vegetables will be in abundance in all your meal preparations! Typical to mention, two – three vegetarian dishes such as pizza with vegetables, tabbouleh salad with oatmeal, eggplant rolls stuffed with tofu cheese and lentil burgers. The above foods, let us note, are also suitable for fasting periods!