Yogurt sweet with Carob Bites & Molasses
Bowl Easy Clock 25 Minutes
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Yogurt sweet with Carob Bites & Molasses

This recipe will leave you with your mouth open. Not only will you feel like a pastry chef just by joining together some simple ingredients, but the result will leave you speechless.

The recipe is simple, easy, and fast. The only sure thing is that you will fall in love with this yogurt dessert at once.

For our yogurt dessert, we used Ntourountous Carob Bites with Molasses

What we will need:

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  1. Beat in the blender the contents of the package Carob with Petimezi together with a spoonful of jam. Towards the end, add two large chopped strawberries and beat again.
  2. In a bowl add the remaining strawberry jam, our strained yogurt, powdered sugar and mix until our mixture is homogeneous.
  3. Put our mixture for 10 minutes in the fridge and cut the strawberries into squares.
  4. We take a glass and set up our dessert in the following way: At the base we put the carob and flavored carob biscuit of petimezi, a few strawberries on top and we bathe with our yogurt mixture. If our utensil allows it, we repeat once more (in the way seen in the glass we decorated).
  5. For the garnish, add a little grated couverture and pistachio