Dakos Trilogy
Bowl Easy Clock 15 Minutes
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Dakos Trilogy

Dakos in three different versions from Ntourountous Bakery. For this summer season, we have prepared three delicious dishes from the menu of our Bakery in Sfakia!

  1. Dakos with apaki & basil pesto
  2. Dakos with avocado
  3. Classic Dakos

We invite you to come and enjoy it in our beautiful place, but until that happens we urge you to try our products with these delicious combinations.

What we will need:

Dakos with apaki & basil pesto:


Dakos with avocado:


Classic Dakos:

In all versions we use salt & Olive Oil


Dakos with apaki & basil pesto:

Place our rusks on a plate and pour over with olive oil. Place a pan on medium heat, salt and sauté the cherry tomatoes over high heat (after the pan has burned for 4 to 5 minutes). Then, place the apaki in the pan with a little oil and sauté it. We spread them together with the pieces of gruyere on our rusks. Finally we  add the basil pesto and pour over with extra olive oil.

2. Dakos with avocado:

We place our rusks on a plate, if you wish you can lightly soak the rusks with a little water. Finely chop the avocado, cherry tomatoes and onion. Salt and pour the olive oil over the rusks

3. Classic Dakos:

Drizzle our rusks with olive oil and then add the freshly grated tomatoes. Lightly salt. Finely chop half an onion and place on our rusks. Then we spread the mizithra of Crete, the green olives. Finally, add plenty of oregano and a little more olive oil on top.