Chicken Salad with Organic Rusk Ntourountous
Bowl Medium Clock 75 Minutes
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Chicken Salad with Organic Rusk Ntourountous

A recipe that will free your hands all those times when you see that you don’t have time to cook. A delicious chicken salad with Cretan gruyere and yogurt on a deliciously crunchy base.

Delicious and so rich in nutrients that it is enough to meet your energy needs during a difficult day.

For our dako we used organic zeidoro rusk Ntourountous with double grain wheat.

What we will need:


  1. In a large bowl place the mixed vegetables and, after adding the yogurt and mayonnaise, mix our ingredients.
  2. Cut our chicken and gruyere into very small pieces.
  3. We puree our boiled potatoes
  4. Add the puree, chicken and gruyere to the bowl with the vegetables, mayonnaise and yogurt and mix until you have a uniform result.
  5. Place on our plate 4 fried nuts with whole wheat and put our delicious mixture on top.
  6. Add salt and pepper