Ntourountous Traditional Bakery: We prioritise your needs

In Ntourountous, the baking process begins early in the morning. We grab a cup of coffee, we put on our beautiful white uniforms and we start baking flavourful bakery products for you.

Our traditional bakery is well-known and beloved, not only in Sfakia but also all-around Crete, whereas our journey across the Aegean Sea has already begun too. Our vision is to navigate you through our traditional taste roads and to reach people who live far away from Crete.

We only use traditional recipes that we have inherited from our ancestors. Because our family’s tasty secrets are hidden behind the doors of our bakery, by the oven and the tons of flour and organic ingredients we use for the baking process.

Our team is working hard day by day with great passion and consequence in order to deliver this exact authentic traditional taste. And this is the exact identity that we want to attach to our products.

The Ntourountous products. All about tradition, history, Sfakia. That the way it is!

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