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Everything is handmade with high-quality ingredients. Local staff with deep love for the Cretan tradition creates baked products with unique taste without large machinery mixes and mashes. All the nutritional worth remains unspoiled! 


A combination of taste and valuable health benefits. Ntourountous Bakery offers a boost to health with super nutritional ingredients like oats, carob, wholemeal flour and the unique Super healthy & Wellbeing products category.


Organically certified are the products of Ntourountous Bakery by the Organization of Control and Certification DIO biological products. Ntourountous Bakery  respects the environment by restricting the human intervention importantly.

Our Bakery

Ntourountous bakery started in 2008, with recipes that have been passed down the generations,  in a traditional bakery in the heart of Cretan cuisine, Sfakia. Now is leading on tasteful, healthy, and authentic Cretan well-baked goods and snacks. As a family-oriented business, we choose only the most ethically sourced ingredients from local producers. By providing wholesale, our vision is to introduce Cretan flavours around the world.

Why Choose us

Ntourountous Bakery serves the Cretan authentic cuisine combining it with new gastronomic styles and new raw materials.

Αρχική- Ντουρουντούς Φούρνος
Αρχική-Ντουρουντούς Φούρνος
  • Handmade
  • Certified organic products
  • Without preservatives / No extra ingredients to fortify the taste
  • Without sugar
  • Without added salt
  • No trans fat
  • Vegetarian and Vegan products
  • Premium environmentally-friendly packaging that keeps all ingredients safe
  • Labelling requirements based on European Standards
  • Gold award in the “Best food awards” in 2020 
  • Authentic Greek Taste Award in 2020 & 2021
  • Gold, Silver, and Copper awards in the Specialist Awards 2021 of Gourmet Exhibition

Our Top products

We provide a wide range of baked goods distinguished for its amazing double-baked rusks. Their unique flavour is a result of dough’s slow-maturing. Breadsticks, cookies, snacks, and sweet nibs complete the image of Ntourountous Bakery.

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