Ntourountous Bakery: Living in Quality

Ντουρουντούς κουλουράκια

Ntourountous is beloved by everyone all around Crete, while people who meet us for the first time appreciate and admire our efforts and they soon become enthusiasts. The reason behind this fact? Whatever you need, Ntourountous delivers.

First of all, our bakery products are unique, traditionally baked with great respect for quality materials and taste. Therefore, you can taste our Sfakian tradition in our rusks, you can taste Chania in our breadsticks, you can taste Crete in our organic cookies and bites.

Moreover, Ntourountous bakery takes the matter of health improvement into great consideration. Specifically, our organic products will help you give a great gift to your physique.

Replace bread with our rusks, take your salad to the next level with our bites. Plus, our cookies are great accompanied by your morning coffee.

We take taste into deep consideration and we always pursue quality in our products. Give it a try! You’ll figure it out yourself.

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