How to include legumes in your child’s diet

How to include legumes in your child’s diet

When your kid refuses to eat legumes, are you at a loss for what to do? If your child’s diet is causing problems, you might be asking what you can do to refill the vital vitamins present in these plants; should you or shouldn’t you pressure your child to eat them, and if so, how?

Legumes belong to the dietary groups that youngsters dislike statistically. Naturally, you are aware that this type of food contains essential nutritional benefits and vitamins for children and must be included in their weekly menu. Our traditional bakery Ntourountous has a couple of options available regarding how to include legumes in your child’s diet. Let’s have a look at how you can accomplish this with these few simple steps.

Do not put any sort of pressure on your kid to eat

He or she is likely to respond, and may refuse to consume them for an extended period of time. We, at Ntourountous Bakery, suggest Traditional Legumes bites, Traditional Breadsticks with legumes, Traditional Legumes mini rusks, even if he or she does not consume legumes. Sooner or later your kid will be tempted to try them and we feel really confident that he will like them so much that will slowly learn about healthy eating habits. Another effective way, would be to combine (if possible) their favorite flavors with our treats.

Reduce your consumption of junk food

Remember that the foods that enter the house are within your control, not your children’s. You’ll push your children to eat more fruits, veggies, whole grains, and dairy products if you keep junk foods out of the house.

In general, parents must exert a tremendous deal of work and patience, in order for their children to learn to eat legumes. Consult our e-shop, and find out plenty of healthy options that you can bring in your child’s diet. The most essential thing you can do is set an example by eating a variety of legume related products on a regular basis and, as tough as it may be, being a little more stringent.

Here at Ntourountous Bakery, we will perform our utmost to bring even more legume related products in the fold as well as many other healthy options that can accompany you in a daily basis. For that reason make sure to subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to discover all our future creations!