Cook with your children and spend quality time with them

Cook with your children and spend quality time with them

Are you looking for ways to spend creative time with your child? Do you want to do something with them that will be fun but also rewarding? Is it hard to find creative ways, because they are bored easily?

If you are in the same situation, then I would suggest you try cooking! Without a second thought, cook with your children. It is the best solution especially for autumn and winter months, since we spend more time indoors and usually the ideas for recreational activities at home are limited.

So let’s put on our aprons and let’s get into the most beautiful and fragrant space of the house, the kitchen. This is the place where all the members of the family gather to eat, talk and cook. Although traditionally, it is the mother’s kingdom, gradually this pattern seems to be fading, and we are very happy that more and more family members are getting involved in cooking. But the question that arises is why to “put” the child in the kitchen? What will the child gain from this process?

 Spend creative time with them

Everyday life “runs”. Your responsibilities are overwhelming, and the children are sometimes left with the complaint that you did not spend enough time with them. But if you include the children in a “task” that you have, then your work will be done and with the child you will have the opportunity to come closer and discuss various issues. Take the opportunity and open the discussion to find out how he/she spent his day at school, what he/she learned new and if he /she is interested in something.

Their self-confidence increases

Children love to spend time with their parents, especially when they are assigned responsibilities and responsibilities, it is their best part! They feel that parents trust them and value their opinion. As a result, they feel more confident about themselves and their performance.

Develop new skills

And we do not mean only cooking! As you enter the kitchen, be sure to give the children a recipe book to get an idea and choose the recipe to make together. By flipping through it, they will be confronted with new words and terms, while at the same time their ability to read will be improved and they will be more actively in the role of “little chef” taking on “leadership responsibilities”. During cooking, they will need to weigh ingredients by understanding concepts such as “grams”, “half a kilo” and “a teaspoon”, thus helping to improve their numerical performance.

They learn to have a program

They practice their concentration ability as they learn how to work in an organized way and get things in order. In recipes there is hierarchy, priorities and stages. Next, the greater their friction, the better their organizational ability will become.

They learn the value of cooperation

Cooking in a kitchen is a team sport inviting our little friends to adapt to the rules and work as a team. They are trained to have patience, (parents and children!), to share their ideas and then with a fruitful dialogue to reach their final decision whether it has to do with the execution of some recipe, with the materials or with the use of utensils.

Familiarize themselves with food & learn the values ​​of healthy eating

Fruits, vegetables, nuts and pastries “reach” the hands of children either to wash them, or even to cut them, if they are older children, (always of course with supervision and guidance). Cooking helps children get in touch with raw materials and learn about them. So gradually they will want to experiment more and more with new foods.

They teach respect

Since the food is not served to them ready, but the children themselves are involved in the whole process of their preparation, they understand that this is not a simple process. On the contrary, one has put in the time, effort and effort to make a delicious meal. Therefore, they are taught to evaluate all the elements before judging a dish and stop taking it for granted. Especially if your children are having a hard time eating, getting them involved in the process may loosen your hands.Therefore, the solution is simple: buy a children’s apron and get to work. The delicacies that you will create and the moments that you will spend with your little ones, will reward you!