Carob and diabetes: The anti-diabetic action of carob

Carob and diabetes: The anti-diabetic action of carob

The high nutritional value of carob is gaining more and more ground, gradually transforming it from a “humble” food into a superfood that is not missing from any home. It is rich in carbohydrates (glucose and sucrose), as well as fiber, making it particularly digestible.

Its strengths include its anti-diabetic action, as it has been characterized as a product with a low glycemic index and load, allowing its consumption by people with diabetes. This is because the sugars contained in carob are natural sugars that offer a sweet taste but do not actually affect sugar levels, such as sugar. At the same time, the fiber it contains helps stabilize sugar. In particular, the presence of D-pinitol in the composition of carob may be the main reason for its anti-diabetic action, as it successfully regulates blood glucose levels in patients with type II diabetes mellitus, increasing insulin sensitivity. In other words, D-pinitol has a similar effect to insulin while improving glycemic control.

But what exactly is diabetes? It is, therefore, a chronic metabolic disease whose main features include hyperglycemia, a disorder of the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. The above occur due to disadvantageous secretion or action of insulin, or a combination of both. Damage to the eyes, nerves, heart, kidneys and blood vessels can occur in the long run. The above data indicate the severity of diabetes, but also the great need to integrate food into our diet, such as carob. In particular, scientists suggest using carob as a dietary supplement to manage hyperglycemia and diabetes.

The benefits of carob, of course, are not limited to its anti-diabetic action, as we have seen in a previous article. On the contrary, they extend to a wide range of health issues, requiring, so to speak, the addition of this miraculous food to our diet, without a second thought.

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