Breakfast Time: What should a healthy breakfast include?

Breakfast Time: What should a healthy breakfast include?

Just as machines need batteries to work, so we humans need food to give us the energy we need. Pillar in our “energy charge” is breakfast. This is called to give us the “impetus” we need to start our day energetically and in a good mood. And where is the connection with good mood and breakfast, you will ask me. Dedicating ten minutes to preparing your breakfast automatically means that we have managed to wake up earlier, and therefore we have properly adjusted our daily schedule, giving ourselves the time we need and seizing the day without stress.

Even if we have little time, there are solutions, easy and fast that will provide us with all the nutrients we need causing us satiety. And, this is the “difficult” part of breakfast, to make the right choices that will “keep” us for a while.

To achieve this, breakfast should include protein, carbohydrates, fats and a fruit or vegetable. Protein is what will provide the feeling of satiety, such as egg, cottage cheese and yogurt. Carbohydrates, in turn, will fill us with energy to achieve the highest “peak” of our daily goals. Some common and good carbohydrate choices are cereals and whole grains. And, of course, we add to our meal some good fats and, necessarily, fresh food to have a complete, filling healthy breakfast. Below, we will see in detail some foods that are worth including in our breakfast menu, but also some interesting combinations of these foods.


It is an excellent source of protein of high biological value that can be cooked in many different ways (molasses, poached, omelette, etc.) and consumed in either sweet or savory versions. Although it has been blamed for raising cholesterol, studies show that egg cholesterol has very little effect on bad cholesterol in the blood.

Extra tip: If your time is very busy, you can have some boiled eggs in the fridge! Either you eat them “on foot” or you take them with you to a taper. Do not forget, the tapers have become a must again!

Cottage cheese

It is a white soft cheese, which we usually enjoy as a paste over bread. It contains casein protein, which makes it the favorite snack of athletes since according to a research; those who consume this protein are less hungry during the day and especially during the night. Also, cottage cheese is ideal for breakfast, as it is rich in B vitamins, which, in turn, convert food into energy.

Greek yogurt

It could easily be described as the king of food. It is digestible, practical and pleasant to consume from infancy and for life. With protein of high biological value, it offers the feeling of satiety for several hours. Beyond that, however, yogurt, thanks to the living microorganisms it contains, is particularly beneficial for the proper functioning of the intestine.  


The king of cereals is, without a doubt, oats. In recent years, its value and the benefits it offers to health have been recognized, establishing it as the favorite choice of young and old. In fact, the impact of oats on the public is so great that it is now used as oat flour replacing the classic white flour but it is also found as oat milk. It contains beta glucan, which is a thick fiber that helps a person feel full for longer while also helping to reduce bad cholesterol. In addition, it has high levels of omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants and potassium. 


It is a great addition to breakfast since it can be matched almost with everything; it is a rich source of fatty acids that help maintain stable sugar levels.


Sprinkle on your dish a little linseed and taste its characteristic sweet flavor. Consumption of flaxseed also helps lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels.


They are not only rich in fatty acids, but also in antioxidants, potassium and magnesium. Interestingly enough, the nut butter that is commercially available is also particularly delicious and nutritious.

Extra tip: Choose nut butter without added salt or preservatives. You will find them mainly in delicatessens in your neighborhood and in addition to being much healthier compared to those in the supermarket, they are also more delicious.


The banana guarantees that it will fill you up and sweeten you. It is the easiest, fastest and most practical solution for both breakfast and snacks between meals. Its durable starch delays digestion, intensifying the feeling of satiety. We can add it to our cereals or make delicious drinks with it as a basic ingredient.


Berries are a category of fruits that we will hardly find anyone who does not like. They are sweet and at the same time sour, with intense reddish colors they immediately upgrade the dishes. It is no coincidence that they are constantly used in food photography by food bloggers. Of course, it is not only photogenic but also rich in antioxidants!


Breakfast without coffee, is it possible? The answer is “difficult”, as for most a cup of coffee in the morning is necessary, perhaps more than the meal itself. And the truth is that there is no reason to deprive someone of their favorite morning dose of caffeine since coffee is rich in antioxidants, helping concentration and improving memory. 


However, if you prefer tea to coffee, then a wide range of different types of tea awaits you to choose your favorite. Green tea is the ideal choice to start your day; it contains catechins that work effectively against free radicals. 

Ideas for a healthy breakfast

  1. Avocado toast with eggs and chia seeds & a glass of natural orange juice with cinnamon.
  2. Yogurt with granola, honey, cinnamon and linseed. Extra tip: break some Organic Oatmeal Bites on top for an even crispier result.
  3. Porridge (cold or hot) with oats, fresh fruit and nuts & green tea.
  4. Smoothie with banana, cocoa, avocado, berries, peanut butter and cereals.
  5. Wholemeal bread with cottage cheese, jam, cashews & Greek coffee. Extra tip: instead of bread, choose Honey & Walnuts Cookies as a base.
  6. Wholemeal tortilla with tahini, cocoa and banana slices. Extra tip: instead of tortilla, choose Carob & Hazelnut Cookies as a base.