Sugar End: How to cut sugar and what to replace it with

Sugar End: How to cut sugar and what to replace it with

It is white, crystalline and generously offers its sweetness wherever you put it. We usually try it in sweets and drinks. But it is almost always present in standard products. Even if we do not expect it, we constantly find it in foods that do not cross our minds, such as bread, cold cuts, fruit juices, canned food, ready-made sauces and more. It pierces everywhere, let’s say. And not only does it, but we now know that it is also particularly harmful to our health. It is no coincidence that she has been described as a “white death”, as she has been linked to serious health problems such as diabetes, weight gain and heart disease. About dental issues, let’s not talk better.

So more and more people around the world are entering the process of reducing, if not eliminating, sugar altogether by replacing it with other healthy sweeteners. If you belong to this category, below you will find a guide with tips on how to cut it and suggestions for its replacement. Let’s see…

Do research

Search the internet, open books and talk to your doctor. Gather as much information as you can about sugar in order to understand in depth the reasons that will lead you to exclude it from your diet or even limit it. Just because it is a ubiquitous food, and it will be a difficult process to reduce it, you need to be sure of this decision. Therefore, inform yourself validly and consult your doctor.

Cut it off completely

And once you have made that decision, remove it completely from your life for a few days. I know it sounds difficult, but it will only be difficult the first time. For three days, avoid excessive consumption of foods that raise blood sugar, as sugar does. This is the minimum time it takes for your body to “metabolize” its old habits and welcome new ones.

Choose mood-boosting foods

As we all know, consuming sugar provides energy and consequently we have good psychology. So avoiding the feeling of fatigue, headaches and reduced psychological mood are very likely scenarios. The solution lies in foods that are high in fat, protein and of course water. Also, to “brake” the sudden cravings that would make you prone to sugar, make sure you eat frequent and small meals rich in fiber. A good idea for a snack rich in protein is the Breadsticks with Cretan Gruyere Cheese from the Ntourountous bakery.

Put cinnamon in your life

The multiple benefits of cinnamon, we have mentioned in a previous article. Here, we will just point out that adding cinnamon to your menu will help keep your blood sugar levels steady, thus preventing the craving for sweets.

Pay attention to food labels

As we said at the beginning, sugar is everywhere. Therefore, it must be cut from all possible sources of its entry into our body, if we want the “experiment” to succeed. It is a good idea to choose as many raw foods as possible and read the food labels on the back of the package. Keep in mind that the order of recording the ingredients is not random, but corresponds to the quantity of each.

Of course, the fact that you made this decision for the sake of your health does not mean that you will be deprived of taste. Now on the market there are a variety of options that are extremely substitutes for sugar.


Classic and timeless choice. Honey is eaten by children as it is a nutritious food. It is rich in iron, zinc, potassium, vitamin B6 and calcium. Because we, in Ntourountous bakery, love honey very much, we recommend Granola with Carob Bites with Molasses for a healthy and invigorating breakfast.


It is made by boiling the must and is an excellent source of vitamins A and C, minerals, iron and calcium. Bringing most of the nutrients of grapes contributes to heart protection, while it also has anti-aging action. Try Carob Bites with Molasses and you will remember us!


Undoubtedly, the stevia plant is the best known alternative to sugar. It is about 30 times sweeter than granulated sugar and has no calories at all. This is the main reason that is chosen by the crown. Enjoy it fearlessly in a delicious lemon pie by Manos Dimitroulis!

Coconut sugar

It comes from coconut juice, and unlike common sugar has high levels of iron, calcium and zinc.

Molasses – Golden syrup

Molasses is a thick dark syrup made from sugar cane. It is especially beneficial during menstruation and helps significantly in obesity, diabetes and acne.

Carob syrup

Carob is a superfood that contains very high amounts of calcium, three times that of milk. It is also a good source of iron, phosphorus, vitamins and minerals making it the medicine for the human body. The taste of the carob is sweet and delicious, as are our Carob Bites with Molasses.

Agave syrup

Finally, what do agave syrup and tequila have in common? Both are made from the same plant. Lately, agave syrup is coming to the fore more and more dynamically and is used mainly by people who embrace wellness and seek a completely healthy lifestyle. In the same vein, the Ntourountous bakery presents you the sweet Oatmeal Bites with agave syrup.