Diet: Why we should eat small and regular meals

Diet: Why we should eat small and regular meals

Are you anxious? Do you run and do not even manage to drink water? The 24 hours of the day seem short to you, so you remove from your program what seems unnecessary? You are doing well – as long as food is not included in this category! Your meals are not something “extra” that if done are fine, but if they are omitted no problem. There’s a problem! Your health is strained, your stress peaks, your weight increases and your energy plummets. You do not say a few. So make sure you eat 5-6 meals during your day and then you will see that everything will go better. To help you out, we have put together some of the basic reasons why we should eat small and regular meals.

Helps digestion

The more often you eat, and therefore smaller amounts, the easier it is for the stomach to absorb all the nutrients it needs, not to be stressed and therefore the process of digestion to work harmoniously. Other than that, you will feel lighter than if you ate a big meal instead of more and smaller.

Energy levels are kept high

The morning we wake up, glucose levels are quite low, due to the many hours we were fasting. If we do not consume something, then they will fall even more and therefore blood sugar levels will continue to fall and we will become more and more prone to unhealthy disorders during the day. On the contrary, if we eat 5-6 times, then the sugar levels will remain stable as well as our energy.

Hormones balance

Some of the hormones we have in our body directly affect our hunger levels, metabolism and consequently our weight. Two of these hormones are insulin and ghrelin. The fewer meals during the day, the higher the insulin resulting in increased fat storage. Also, the fewer meals consumed during the day, the stomach secretes ghrelin, also known as the hunger hormone, which forces us to consume more food than we need at a meal.

Metabolism is activated

It is no coincidence that all nutritionists recommend many and frequent meals for weight loss. In this way we prevent the feeling of hunger and make more conscious food choices.

Of course, let’s not forget that in addition to the many meals – 3 main and 2 snacks – the hours are also important. Ideally, meals should be about three hours apart and we should definitely not skip a healthy breakfast. NEVER!