If you want to do something good, my child, do it with your own hands…

This is how we grew up in the village. With trust, affection and love. And so we started our course. Always putting in our recipes the secrets, the sweet look and the affection of our grandmother. And for raw material the fruits of our blessed place. Of our Sfakia.

The History behind our oven

Our grandmother Anna, coming from the gorge of Samaria to get married in Sfakia, brought with her all the secrets of her cooking. She soon shared these secrets with her daughters and daughter-in-law and, in turn, they bequeathed them to us, their children.

Naturally, our childhood memories are accompanied by smells, tastes, and aromas that have remained unchanged in our minds. And these are exactly our supplies on a trip that we want to accompany you. Come and explore together the delicious paths of Sfakia and get to know that special part of the tradition of our place.

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