The Favorite Products for Women’s Day!

The Favorite Products for Women’s Day!

Every day is a great opportunity to celebrate the women in your life and us
we give you one more reason!

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, we gathered in three collections the Favorite Ntourountous products that 10 modern women enjoy and prefer!

A woman who knows how to take care of herself, definitely knows how to choose the best, but also the healthiest!

Nicki chooses for her salad the Award-winning Organic Buckwheat Breadsticks!
Nicki Petroulaki – Yoga Instructor
Eirini enjoys Traditional Legumes bites with
with buckwheat, lentil & fava flour!

Eirini Kolida – Personal trainer
Gogo enjoys at her picnic the Award-winning Traditional Breadsticks with legumes
from lentil, fava and chickpea flour!

Gogo Xyrou – Actress
Chrissa chooses Traditional Carob & Hazelnut Cookies
for her sweet creations!

Chrissa Gioulounta aka Chrissa Is Cooking
Mary chooses as the most nutritious choice,
the award-winning Traditional Legumes mini rusks with buckwheat, lentil & fava flour!

Mary Liontou aka Mommy Jammi

Madame Gâteaux prepares the ultimate upside down Crumble with apples, blueberries & Organic Carob Bites with Molasses with no added sugar!
Madame Gâteaux – Pastry chef

Sofia chooses Carob Breadsticks and dried fruits as the ideal snack for the walk with the children!
Sofia Mitraki from

Marina chooses her favorite Traditional Toastead bread with tomato & paprika from the new Toastead bread Ntourountous collection!
Marina Fraggeskidou from
Eftychia enjoys the Traditional Sfakian Barley ring rusks without Yeast &
with extra virgin olive oil!

Eftychia Mavridaki aka Naked food
Thekla chooses Traditional Sfakian Carob mini rusks
from freshly ground Cretan carob and tells us about the value of fiber!

Thekla Gioni aka My NutriPlan – Clinical Dietitian / Nutritionist.

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