Ntourountous Bakery – from Sfakia to your Neighborhood

Ntourountous Bakery – from Sfakia to your Neighborhood

Our childhood memories are accompanied by smells, tastes and aromas which, even today, remain unchanged in our minds. These are exactly our supplies on a trip that we want to accompany you. Come and let us guide you through the delicious paths of our place, presenting you with a special piece of our tradition. Where else;  In Sfakia.

Through this website you will get to know us better, you will find your favorite traditional products Durdus as well as the list of our organic creations.

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Variety of products. Traditional and organic pastries of high nutritional value. You no longer need to shake the rupee. A few clicks are enough and we will bring our bakery poems to your home.

Browse, discover and choose the products of your choice. Put it in your cart with one click and we’ve arrived!

Such comfort has never happened before!