Breakfast & Brunch Available in Sfakia

Breakfast & Brunch Available in Sfakia

Fresh Local Products

They say that the first meal of the day is the most important one. At Ntourountous Bakery we totally agree!
Discover the ultimate Breakfast & Brunch destination in Sfakia. Make a quick stop and try our traditional local products that will make your taste buds erupt and ask for more!
Are you a Sweet Or Savoury Person? Not a problem! We got it all! From the classic Sfakia Pie and Ntakos Rusk to our special omelette and fruit/sweet pancakes! Working time 7:30 am to 13:00 pm.

Ntourountous super special omelet

Super special omelet

Omelet with 6 eggs, onions, tomato, ham, cheese, bacon, mushrooms, corn and peppers.

Organic dakos trilogy

Dakos in three different versions:
Dakos with apaki & basil pesto, Dakos with avocado and Classic Dakos

Ntourountous organic dakos trilogy
Ntourountous fruit salad

Fruit Salad

With freshly picked seasonal fruits and Samaria thyme honey.

Sweet Pancakes

With chocolate hazelnut praline, banana and crumbled Ntourountous cookies.

Ntourountous pancakes