Braille writing on our 2 New Soft Mini Rusks

Braille writing on our 2 New Soft Mini Rusks

We put your needs first

Ntourountous Bakery is innovating in the Greek food market and on the occasion of International White Cane Day on October 15, presents two new products!

With our vision to take you on a journey through the tasty paths of our country, through the creation of quality, tasty and healthy products, we do one more step..

The Soft Sfakian Carob Mini Rusks & the Soft Sfakian Wheat Mini Rusks where at their packaging bear the name of the product in Braille.

The innovation of this venture

Investing in good practice, we redesigned the distinctive packaging by adding Braille to two new consumer-friendly products.

Our project was made possible with the help of the National Federation for the Blind of Greece and the valuable help they provided us in adjusting the proportions of the letters for the correct reading of Braille.

The Product Accessibility of the two new packages, is done in order to put our little stone in the care of a social group that is excluded from the market and at the same time to show the way to other companies to support this action of ours.

Accessible to everyone!

With passion and faith in our values, we stand by the visually impaired because Accessibility equals Easier everyday life.

Despite our reputation for our crunchy nuts, the new “Soft” range of Ntourountous Bakery was created to be accessible to everyone.

The Soft Sfakian Wheat Mini Rusks with whole wheat flour and the Soft Sfakian Carob Mini Rusks with 100% Cretan carob flour, are handmade, without preservatives and can be easily consumed by both children and the elderly.

They are ideal to replace your toast at breakfast, always with the guarantee of quality & deliciousness offered by Ntourountous Bakery.