2 New Awards at the Bakery & Pastry Awards 2023

2 New Awards at the Bakery & Pastry Awards 2023

We are excited to announce that Ntourountous Bakery has won two important awards at this year’s Bakery & Pastry Awards 2023. The Bakery Awards 2023 are the awards organized for the 2nd consecutive year by BOUSSIAS events with the aim of highlighting and rewarding excellence and innovation in products, services, stores and the entire industry related to bakery.

The Bakery & Pastry Awards 2023 were held under the auspices of the Panhellenic Union of Food Technologists (P.E.T.E.T.).

Gold Award in the Packaging – Catering & Serving Equipment category

Gold Award in Rusks category

Our innovative packaging, launched on the occasion of World White Cane Day and featuring the product name in Braille writing, was a hit. We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality and innovation.

Our interest in product accessibility for people with vision problems, led us to the creation of the award-winning Braille packaging for our new “Soft” range, which includes two new products, Soft Sfakian Carob Mini Rusks and Soft Sfakian Wheat Mini Rusks.

In addition, our exceptional Rusks have been recognized for their quality and uniqueness. Our traditional and organic Rusks are made with pure ingredients, without preservatives and are handmade, like all our products.

We use ingredients from selected producers to ensure the highest quality, while our Rusks are double-baked acquiring a rich flavor, thus achieving perfection.

We are honored to receive these awards!
We will continue to create high quality products that are accessible to everyone and promote healthy eating habits.

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