Food Safety Policy Statement

The Top Management of the company defines its policy, goals and commitment regarding the quality and safety of the products produced and the quality of the services provided.

For this purpose, the Top Management of the company NTOUROUNTOUS BAKERY  OEBE demonstrates a leading role and is committed to:

  • Ensure that its security policy and the objectives of the GATT are well established and compatible with the Agency’s strategic orientation and operating framework
  • Ensure that the requirements of the CFSP are integrated into the Agency’s processes and provide the framework for defining and reviewing the objectives of the CFSP
  • Ensure the availability of the necessary resources
  • Ensure that the SDAT is valued and kept informed to achieve the desired results
  • Meet applicable food safety requirements, including legal/regulatory requirements and mutually agreed customer safety requirements
  • To communicate to all stakeholders the importance of effective food safety management and compliance with GATT requirements, applicable regulatory requirements, and mutually agreed customer food safety requirements
  • Protect products from intentional damage, deliberate contamination, or fraud by developing a Food Fraud & Food Defense plan
  • To guide and support the staff to contribute to the effectiveness of the SDAT
  • To cover the need to ensure professional competence regarding food safety
  • To support the executives of the Organization to play a leading role in their areas of responsibility
  • Communicate the policy and ensure that it is understood and implemented within the organization
  • To promote continuous improvement
  • To deal with issues of internal & external communication
  • To promote the process approach and the risk approach

The Management of the company recognizes the necessity of installation and implementation of a Food Safety Management System, where the risks are identified, evaluated, and controlled and the control measures are determined and categorized in order to ensure the safety of the produced products and harmonizes with the requirements of ISO 22000: 2018. SDAT concerns all the products that the company produces and has. This system will be continuously improved, through reviews & updates & performance appraisals, to always meet the ever-increasing expectations of customers as well as the requirements of the market and legislation according to the new scientific data.

The goals around which there is a continuous and systematic effort in the Organization are always related to:

  1. Customer (customer satisfaction, customer complaints)
  2. Product-service (failures)
  3. Supplies (delivery, non-compliant products)
  4. Human resources
  5. Resources

and are in any case compatible with the policy, measurable and take into account applicable food safety laws and regulations.

The above objectives in combination with the overall food safety policy of the management are monitored, verified and updated on an annual basis.

To achieve this goal the company has adopted an SDAT system based on the ISO 22000: 2018 standard, for the following activities:

  • production and distribution of bakery products

The above quality policy is known and applied by all company staff.