The benefits of the Cretan Mediterranean Diet

The benefits of the Cretan Mediterranean Diet

Nutritionist Manos Dimitroulis talks to us about the benefits of the Cretan Mediterranean Diet, which brings significant benefits to human health, well-being and longevity. He also explains that when we talk about a healthy Mediterranean diet, we are actually referring to the Cretan diet, which is the pillar of the Mediterranean diet.

In the following video, some of the most crucial questions will be answered, such as, how can we introduce the traditional Cretan Mediterranean diet in our daily lives? What are the scientifically proven health benefits of the Cretan diet?
We will also learn about what we can consume without fear in our daily lives and why we need to increase the consumption of organic and organic products.

The Cretan dietary example is known all over the world. It has been found to be beneficial to human health in numerous medical studies and dishes inspired by the island’s traditional cuisine are served in many cosmopolitan restaurants in major cities around the world.The Cretan diet and cuisine have a long and illustrious history.

It’s the continuance of a practice that dates back to the Minoan era and continues to this day. According to the findings of archaeological investigations, the Minoans consumed nearly the same things that the present Cretan consumes 4000 years ago. Archaeologists discovered enormous jars of olive oil, cereals, lentils, and honey in Minoan palaces.

Furthermore, the different iconographic testimony portray the amazing world of Cretan flora and herbs. To talk about Cretan cuisine as if it were just a list of ingredients isn’t telling the complete tale. Eat a lunch made completely of traditional recipes and prepared with the freshest ingredients while surrounded by friends to truly appreciate the difference.