Certified Organic Products

Τhe products of Ntourountous bakery were certified as organic by the Organization of Control and Certification DIO biological products. Thereby, it was confirmed once again their excellent quality.

The DIO Organization is distinguished for the correct application of the Standards and the control, and certification procedures as well as for the impartiality and equity in decision making.

This certificate affirms that the Ntourountous bakery fully complies with the community and national provisions on organic products. It is ensured also that the products of the Ntourountous bakery bear the relevant mark, regarding the law.

Minimal human intervention in agriculture and low environmental footprint are the main characteristics of organic products. The principal point is based on the most natural operation of the system, which policy is fully embraced also by the Ntourountous bakery offering high-quality products with the least interventions.

The company’s philosophy on the purity of raw materials and transparency is a constant milestone of its reputation which is now officially rewarded! You can see the certification below.

Our organic products