About Us
Ntourountous Sfakia

Ntourountous Bakery is a purely Greek and family business. Our love for cooking and the experience of our ancestors in this field pushed us to share with all Greeks beautiful and nutritious creations.

Considering that the original flavors have been lost, it has become our vision to create quality, tasty and healthy products. Starting from our small bakery in Sfakia, and seeing the growing demand for our products, we decided to start our “journey” to the rest of Greece, always maintaining our tradition and our “family” character.

We prioritize your needs

In the Ntourountous Bakery, baking begins at dawn. With the first coffee and wearing our beautiful white uniforms, we start to create for you delicious products and organic pastries.

Ntourountous Bakery  has become very popular, not only in Sfakia, but also in the rest of Crete, while we are already traveling across the Aegean Sea. Our vision is to travel you on the delicious paths of our place.

The recipes we follow are not only traditional, they are also family. All the secrets of our family are hidden in our oven, there among the flour and all those pure ingredients that we use for the kneading, and they have been carving our course around your table for years.

The people behind our products work every day with a relentless appetite, endless passion and above all an outstanding sense of love for our tradition. And maybe this is the identity we want to give to our pastries.

Products that carry our tradition, history and passion.