Our History

Η ιστορία του φούρνου Ντουρουντούς

Our grandmother Anna , while coming from Samaria to be married in Sfakia, brought  with her all her secrets of cooking,  which she later gave to her daughters and her daughter-in-law. By turn, all these secrets were given to us, their children.

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Ntourountous Traditional Bakery in Sfakia

Ντουρουντούς εσωτερικός χώρος

Our childhood memories are accompanied by odours, flavors and fragrances that remain unchanged in our minds. These are exactly our aid for a journey , in which we want you as companions, by presenting a piece of our tradition, of our place, Sfakia.

In this tasty traditional journey, you will get to know us better, you will discover our tasteful traditional bakery  Ntourountous products and you will also get the chance to explore our organic creations.

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